Livestock Health

Farm BioSecurity
Sheron Farm is registered for Farm BioSecurity and follows the biosecurity protocols to ensure we maintain the highest level of health and safety for our livestock and land. We have a JBAS8 status.

7 in 1 Vaccinations
All calves are vaccinated twice with Ultravac® 7 in 1 as weaners, followed by an annual booster.
We recommend bulls be given an annual 7 in 1 vaccination two to four weeks prior to joining.

Calves are drenched at weaning and then periodically.
Bulls receive a drench before leaving Sheron Farm.

Bovine Vibriosis
Vibriosis is a widespread cause of infertility and calf abortions, and is transmitted by bulls from one cow to another. It is easily prevented by vaccination.

Sheron Farm bulls have been given their primer and booster vaccinations. We recommend your bull be given their annual booster 4 to 6 weeks prior to joining.

Pestivirus (BVDV)
Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus is widespread in cattle and causes infertility, abortions and weak calves.

We undertake ear notch testing for Pestivirus, and all cattle are vaccinated.

Bulls are vaccinated prior to sale and we recommend that annual boosters be given.
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